Kitchenware - Mixing Bowl
5 Sizes of Mixing Bowl with Silicone Bottom and Plastic Lid

A:Ø16×10 cm(1.5qt)
B:Ø18×11 cm
C:Ø20×12 cm(3qt)
D:Ø22×13 cm
E:Ø24×14 cm(5qt)

●Meterial: Plastic lid + stainless steel body + silicone bottom
●Finish: Mirror inside and satin outside
●Each set is in a poly bag and a white box
  • WGMB-01
  • WGMB-02A
  • WGMB-02B
  • WGMB-03A
  • WGMB-03B
  • WGMB-04
  • WGMB-05A
  • WGMB-05B
  • WGMB-06
  • WGMB-07
  • WGMB-08
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